UFO- What was that?

UFO: What was that?

UFO-Unidentified Flying Object…. What does this mean to you? It could be a plane, a weather balloon or something completely different. For as long as time has existed there has always been some sort of UFO spotting somewhere on this planet. These have also been used to discuss many conspiracy theories such as Area 51 which is located in Nevada. Most people link UFO’s with aliens from another planet and maybe they are right. We really don’t know, could there be life on another planet? Maybe these strange sightings really are beings from another solar system or galaxy.

No matter if you believe in the concept of extraterrestrials or not you must admit that we don’t know all the secrets that the galaxy holds. There may be other life forms out there who use space travel looking for life elsewhere. I wonder some days if there really is other life out there what they would think of us? Would they think we were a psychotic race? Do they have wars and corrupt governments? Maybe we should all move to another planet; would that solve all our differences? Probably not but it’s just a thought.

I have seen many things in the night sky that I couldn’t tell what it was. It could just be a shooting star or maybe a passing plane since I do live near the local airport, but I also sit and wonder what if it’s a spaceship from another dimension? Would I freak out if it was to land in my back yard? Would they be friendly? Would I? All these questions and no solid answers. Who are we to say whether or not there is other life forms out there. There could be someone on another planet, in another galaxy right now thinking and wondering these same things. Maybe we aren’t alone, maybe there is something out there. We may never know but we should never stop looking. No matter what people say keep your heads high and reach beyond the starts, search for answers to the questions you want to ask. There are no wrong questions nor is there a wrong theory until it has been proven wrong and the only way to disprove it is to test the theory and find the answer.

Seek the unseen, find the lost answers, prove the unbelievable…. Never lose sight of who you are just because someone thinks you may be a little crazy. After all being normal is overrated and boring.


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    Abby 3 years

    Was kind of disappointed with this article. Defiantly not your best work, previous articles were more interesting. Hope the next one is better.

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