What Does He Represent?

Everyone has their own opinion of Trump, some love him, some hate him and some even love to hate him. No matter what your feelings are towards Trump, we can all agree that he has done some radical things in the last year. Have you ever wondered if maybe it’s all an act? Like maybe he only ran as a joke and when he won he had to find a way to get out of it. What better way than to ruin a country so they will impeach him and then he can go back to his TV shows and hotels. The crazy thing about Trump was that he’s not a politician, he’s a rich asshole who thinks that just because he has money he’s untouchable.

I personally thought maybe with him not being a politician he may be better, compared to the others we have had. However, he’s just a snobby man who wants to control everything. He acts like a 2-year-old who is throwing a tantrum because he can’t have his dessert. Sad thing is when someone who’s in the power he is throws a tantrum a whole nation suffers. He’s risking the lives of millions of people all because he can’t have things his way. He has been a target from the start due to his aggressive nature in past relations. I feel that most of it is just an act and he is trying to see how far he can push people before they finally get tired of it and push him out but he’s having way too much fun doing this.

We have had a divided nation for years but this is ridiculous, he has turned not only other countries against us but turned us against ourselves. We spend more time battling the people in our own nation that are different than we are and for what? What do we gain by targeting the LGBT? They are people just like us, they may live their lives differently than we do but that’s their choice and their business. Just like with the immigration thing. Yes, we should watch who we allow into the country as there are many who want to destroy us but this country was founded on immigrants. I mean hell we didn’t all just magically appear here, no, we were descendants of those who came here from all over the world. Irish people, Chinese people, Swedish people and so forth. Everyone has some sort of immigrant background whether we want to admit it or not.

We shouldn’t allow the big bad wolf to lead all the blinded sheep over the cliff. If us sheep would stand together instead of divided, we could take back our pasture and make it great again. We need to stop having war among ourselves and go after the real target. The one whose mission it is to completely destroy us as a nation. We need to fight back against the unfair circumstances that we have been placed into this past year. We can get this great nation back to how it once was if we can put aside our differences that we have been brainwashed into believe were the issues and focus on the real threat. A dictatorship that this nation is starting to become.


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    Sandee 3 years

    You know i havent thought of it like this. But it opened my eyes. What if its really an act? Maybe he wants impeached. I think trump thinks its a big joke and he doesnt really care how many people he hurts. He thinks its all fun and games.

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    Santana 3 years

    Definetly some good points..makes you wonder if anyone would really take care of us the way we should be taken care of..havent had a good president in a long while.

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