ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This condition affects both children and adults and results in problems with being unable to pay attention, being over hyper or jittery and problems sleeping. I have seen many people with this disorder and never really understood it until I had kids. I have 2 kids with this disorder 1 of which is 9 and even through she is constantly moving and can’t sit still she has no other problems yet. However, my 5-year-old son is a different story. He has had issues over the last several months and was put on Melatonin because they said his body wasn’t producing it enough to calm him down at bed time, so he has been taking it before bed. Recently he has gotten into a lot of trouble at school for not paying attention, not listening, not sitting still, etc. He is in preschool and some of the behavior is normal but they have determined that a lot is not.

So seeking answers we did some research and I discovered that Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland located outside of the central nervous system in the brain. It is what controls when you are active and when you are sleeping or resting. So I tried an experiment and gave him half of his Melatonin in the morning and the other half at nigh. It has made such a difference in his behavior and activity. He is a lot calmer than he was and is able to focus on what he’s doing without making random noises, movements and the constant fidgeting.

After learning this I am going to be talking to his doctor as I feel I have discovered how to hopefully fix some of his issues. If he does have a Melatonin issues it could be what’s causing his behaviors and in that case medication would do him wonders. During research I discovered that there is a link between Melatonin and ADHD. It may not be as effective as some other medications but I think for a 5-year-old it would be a lot safer. Biggest side effect of Melatonin is it makes you drowsy and may cause headache or dizziness but it is a safer method for such a young child.

Determining if your child or even adult could benefit from Melatonin can be decided if they have trouble sleeping, resting and always feel as if they must be doing some sort of motion. When my daughter, who also has ADHD has trouble sleeping I give her a small dose of Melatonin. She doesn’t take it often as she either has a better control of herself or her brain produces more Melatonin than my son. Each person is different so trying to determine how to fix them each can be challenging, but so far we have been on the right track. Melatonin is better to use at night because it will make you sleepy. Although a small dose during the day can help ease the high motor feeling and keep you calmer so you can focus.


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    Sandy 3 years

    So very true. Sometimes people judge far to fast.

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