Helping a Friend In Need

What do you do when a friend needs your help? You try to do everything you can to find a way to help them, this is exactly what I am doing. A dear friend of mine named Rebecca tragically lost her mother right after New Years, after she was hospitalized with pneumonia. Rebecca has been devastated by this tragic event and not only dealing with this but she also has 2 teenage boys, 1 of which is autistic. She is also not in the best of places with her estranged husband who is a severe narcissist. She has no where to go and most of her money was spent on her mom’s funeral. She is in need of funds to pay off her mom’s bills as well as her own rent and tires for her car, as she got a flat tire right around the time of her mom’s funeral.

I know we have all been in need at some point in our lives or have experienced some sort of tragedy and there has been someone to step up in some way or another to help us. A simple share of this post will go a long way and I have started a GoFundMe page for her to help raise some money. I am also offering card readings for those who donate and want them. (You don’t have to have a card reading to donate.) I will do a 1 card pull for anyone that donates (If they wants it.) or a 3 card draw for a $10 donation. I am also offering other types of readings that we can work out if you want to email me at or Find me on facebook under Ashlea Ingram.

I have a couple types of cards I use from Angel Oracle cards to Chakra Wisdom cards. I will include photos of these 2 decks as they are my primary ones I use. You can choose which deck you want me to pull from for you.

Please help share this so we can help a family who has dealt with a dear tragedy in the dawning of this new year. Love and Light to everyone this reaches.

To donate you can go through the GoFundMe page at or you can send money directly to my paypal using and just add a note saying donation. I will contact you about the card reading. You can either accept or decline the offer it’s your choice.

Thank you all so much.