The Many Benefits Of Epsom Salt

The Many Benefits Of Epsom Salt

There are several uses of Epsom salt from health benefits to household cleaning solutions. You can use it in baths, drink it, clean with it etc. I have personally used it in a bath for a number of reasons from relieving stress, aches and pains and even to exfoliate dead skin from an autoimmune disorder I have called psoriasis, that causes a rapid build up of skin cells. I have used Epsom salt and sea salt in my baths for the last 6 months and have seen a better result of relieving my symptoms of this disorder than I ever did using harsh injections and medications.

Epsom salt is a natural remedy for several ailments as well as used in different beauty methods from using it as a face scrub for acne to washing your hair in it to strengthen and shine your hair follicles. Epsom salt can be used to relieve constipation and to flush out harsh metals that may have been consumed through hard water and other methods of food and drinks. It can be used to eliminate foot odor as well as to draw out splinters.

Epsom salt is also a safe and natural way to clean bathroom tile without using harsh chemicals, prevents slugs, and you can even use it as fertilizer for plants. It will keep your lawn green and repel insects. There are so many uses for this product that it’s a wonder that it is not in a higher demand. Why spend hundreds of dollars on random products when you can get Epsom salt and use it in so many daily routines. It’s a great product to have on hand especially if you have kids because it helps when they get those minor scraps and bruises, it will ease away pain without severe side effects. I continue to use this product as well as sea salt and any other natural remedies I can find instead of relying on chemicals and harmful ingredients that have horrible side effects. With having several allergies to so many products I would rather know that I can safely take a bath without fear of breaking out in some sort of rash or be sick due to some chemical I am exposing myself and my children to. I would recommend Epsom salt to anyone looking for a safe and natural way to soothe anxiety, stress, dry skin, acne, and even fungal infections from athletes foot or gout. It works wonders for so many things.



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    Sandy 2 years

    Awesome. I love when I can find out news like this and know it’s natural and not harmful..

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