What Happened To The Public Voices Of Concern?


The month of March 2018 in the city of Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas have been stressed by the violent actions of an unknown bomber. The city doesn’t stop its business as traffic still continues to build on I-35 during its morning and evening commutes. But there was a strong diligence to stay aware and in a defensive mode, because the unknown bomber was placing, it seems, at random. These deadly and massive blasts were being placed at people’s doorsteps, along sidewalks that contained trip wire, Fed Ex package facilities that were on a destination for a specific address. So anyone could come across his or her demise or be severely wounded by this shadowy character’s plan. I had to keep in mind to watch out for packages, as I would just be taking my daughter to the store in Austin, Round Rock, and Bastrop. I didn’t even want to go to the post office to mail a package that I still have sitting on my counter at home due to not wanting to be near these cardboard blasts.

The bomber seemed to stay unpredictable by using different kinds of the homemade bombs and the placement and the delivery of these packages. Not really kind of a pattern or rhyme or reason with the bomber. This kind of the unknown puts a strain on the law officials and the citizens whom were living and traveling to and from Austin.

I would watch endless coverage about these bombing that started March 2 and ended March 21st as the bomber was fleeing from his hotel room away from law enforcement and was forced off the road. The bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt age 23 detonated a bomb from inside of his vehicle as officers were banging on his window. The bomber either died from his own bomb or the gunfire from the officers.

Only known evidence of his motives right now is a 20-minute long confession from Mark Conditt that he recorded on his phone. He blamed his actions due to personal reason that has happened in his life. And with the bomber dead, doesn’t mean the violence has ended, there still may be packages out there that were distributed from the bomber and hasn’t been located.

6 bombs in three weeks killed a man, a teenage boy, and the bomber as 5 people were severely injured. Mark Conditt had no military background to obtain such knowledge to create bombs. He obtained this “homemade” know-how from the Internet. Specific batteries obtained from Asia, electronic wiring and items from an electronic store and other items from a building supply company.

So with all of this extreme coverage that was plaster in Texas and across the country, my question is, where is the outrage from the politicians of wanting to ban these deadly devices and restrict such knowledge on how to make them on the Internet?

Is this not enough blood on their hands to speak out? There is too much information on the Internet to obtain to create bombs and deadly explosives and even how to make guns that don’t need to be made public. I’ve have said many times that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people and if guns are taken away then these violent acts will find other means such as bombs or whatever they want to find to carry out their deadly plans.” So where are the protests and the crowds of people being bused to the Austin area to protest to stop bombings that are “a weapon of war” that is provided as a guide on the Internet on how to create? I don’t even hear a whisper about such talk. Any life lost whether it’s one or 100 is too many to lose due to people’s temper tantrums because they want to blame others for their issues in life. The Internet needs to be wiped away and started over with restrictions approval of content that people can post. Where is this kind of outrage? There is none! So are the Politicians in it to saves lives or in it to just get their agenda across? So stop the silence about violence that doesn’t meet the criteria of people in office. Innocent lives need to be saved, whether it’s from drunk driving, stabbings, mass shooting, bombings, terrorism, etc.

The internet seriously needs to change with certain kinds of information that is placed for anyone to view and stop turning a blind eye to the many dangers that social media and site pose with just a few keystrokes away.