Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Sometimes We Just Need To Talk

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy AKA Talk Therapy is a method of Psychotherapy used on patients of all ages in order to help them boost their happiness by modifying their destructive and dysfunctional behaviors, that relate to their emotions and thoughts. CBT can be used for many conditions from eating disorders, anxiety, depression and even basic anger problems. This type of therapy works wonders for children who have mood disorders.

All 4 of my kids have been in this type of therapy. My oldest 2 were in it the longest and benefited from it the most. My daughter whom is almost 10 has severe anxiety, OCD, emotional instability, etc. she was put on Zoloft to help with her breakdowns and talk therapy was used to help her express her anger and frustration. She has improved so much in the last year. She still has issues from time to time but for the most part her behaviors have become more normal and easily controlled. Before therapy and medication, she would scream, cry, hit, pincher herself, kick and hit the wall, scratch herself and many other destructive behaviors. I was so happy to see the benefits of this therapy method along with the medication.

My oldest son whom will be turning 8 soon had similar issues but he wasn’t medicated for his due to a heart condition. He has ADHD and emotional instability, he is unable to control his emotions due to a problem with his frontal lobe. He has speech issues that affect how he communicates and he becomes easily agitated with himself because he can’t get his thoughts into words. Using talk therapy with a doctor who was very understanding and patient has helped him so much.

As for my youngest 2 boys, 1 has a severe anger problem as well as asthma and eye problems which makes him even angrier, due to him getting picked on a lot in school for it. He was in talk therapy for awhile and was taught how to breath and calm himself when he is frustrated with other kids for making fun of his glasses and such. He was in it the shortest amount of time. My youngest has severe ADHD and is medicated for it as he was in trouble a lot in school and is only in Pre-K. So, after several months of therapy they decided he needed some help and put him on medication for it. That combined with therapy has helped him and he has shown much improvement. He still has some issues but he’s still seeing his therapist and taking his meds so we are hoping as he gets older we can wean him off these things. They are all amazing kids but they each have their quirks and triggers.

As a mother it can be hard to keep everyone happy. I try my best in hopes that one day they will understand that everything I do for them is out of love. I have issues myself with anxiety and depression and such and I’m just glad I am able to get them help at a young age before it gets too severe.



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    Sandee 2 years

    You’re a great mom. I’ve seen you with your children and how well behaved they are. If it wasn’t for you caring so much they would’ve never got the help they needed you’re amazing. Keep up the good work to educate people.. love it

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