Amazing Or Shocking? You Decide.


There are many applications to choose from in today’s fast evolving social media platforms with allowing oneself to make themselves appear younger and maybe certain flaws could disappear at that moment. It’s all fun and games to a point, but how much could this play on someone’s mental state of wanting to be someone or something because they could just very well not like their appearance or inner self.

Over the decades tattooing was and still are a popular trend that can lead others to place permanent protruding scales in their arms or face. Some have horns embedded on their foreheads. Body piercing continues to be present as well.

The Guinness World Records reports that Francesco Vacca who resides in the United States (Lyndhurst) on January 2017 became the record holder for the most body piercings in the tongue. He had to beat the previous record of obtaining 16 and completed his task at having 20 piercings done.

A well-known person whom has had at least 51 surgeries, over 100 cosmetic surgeries and spent over 400,000 UK money which transfers to about $529,000 US dollars, Rodrigo Alves. He has been transforming his entire body to resemble a child’s toy, the “Ken” doll. He starts his journey of transformation at age 17.

Finding some research of what kind of procedures were done on Mr. Alves were not that hard to locate and has been reported as followed: liposuction, pec implants, rhinoplasty procedures, a fake six-pack implanted, hair transplant, calf shaping, fat transfer to his buttocks, a facelift, eye and eyebrow lifts, ears pulled back, chin implants, lip augmented and Botox injections and many more. Recently he had a skin graph for his face to appear like a baby’s face with no imperfections. Alves has stated, “I get a lot of attention due to my artificial looks” and “I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all.” But what seems to come out of his content when he mentions in an interview, “all of this work has made him happy and famous” seems to be the stem of his continuous surgeries and longing to resemble the child’s toy, “Ken doll”.

Alves’ actions from the beginning of his goal may have been the result of bullying from others about his looks, but when will there be a stopping point for Alves? Will he ever be satisfied with his own skin or made-up body? I say, no. I believe he will never be happy with his outer appearance. I believe that his motives now are to stay in the public eye where he wants attention. He will also be appearing in the reality TV show called, “Botched”. Botched is based on bad plastic surgeries that have gone wrong, so that should be interesting to watch and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there in the world who had fall-out results and messed up sculptures at there disposal.

I believe surgeons need to take a deeper look into why people are wanting such extreme work done on themselves and if it is necessary for their mental state or not to continue. Why do people want to become a different person or look like a social media facial app, or a dragon, even a vampire? Yes, there are actually people who have fangs surgically embedded in their mouths and faces altered to resemble the bloodsuckers while they live like vampires. Maybe people are wanting to be a lion or a fish, who knows. These fantasies need to be discussed and have some sort of understanding or helping that person from making a definite body-changing image. But then again, it’s a money maker for the surgeons. Who has over a half of million dollars to spend on such work? I sure don’t.

So if you are bored or want to see images and obtain information of how people are correcting imperfections, getting these surgeries for medical purposes or just wanting to be someone rather than themselves, start searching online. It’s everywhere.