DMT, The Ultimate Hallucinogen

Valhalla, Tartaros, Purgatory, Hell, Heaven, Summerland…no doubt you have heard of at least two or three of these places and you know you can’t get to any of them if you are still alive. Many of the visions seen by those who died for a brief moment then came back to testify are mostly why people believe in these places. But, why did some people who did not seem to others to be all too terrible witness unspeakable horror when launched into Oblivion before returning? Why did others (however good or bad) see or feel complete serenity? Many explanations exist, but few, if any, are rationally acceptable. We are in an age ruled by reason. Superstitions are quickly fading, and in their place are surfacing undeniable truths. The afterlife is no exception. There is a theory that has had little exploration, but makes perfect sense. Before I talk about it, however, I want to state I’m not writing this to rain on anyone’s parade or change anyone’s spiritual beliefs. In fact, these are quite relevant to how death will be for everyone in the end. Allow me to explain.

There is a place in the brain that is basically the most secure spot in our fascinating little skulls: the pineal gland. It is a moderately recent discovery when looking at the bigger picture scientifically, and the studies into it have done wonders. Many know of the health benefits from meditation and yoga, which focus on deep breathing and positioning the body in a certain way while doing so to achieve a higher state of mind. One reason we feel this way is the release of serotonin in the brain while working out the lungs and muscles in such a way. However another chemical is released while doing these and other activities called dimethyltryptamine, more popularly known as DMT. It is responsible for many feelings we experience day to day. But there is much more to this chemical found in the pineal gland than you might think.

DMT is found in most lifeforms, including plants and animals. However it is considered a major narcotic and is illegal pretty much everywhere on Planet Earth. I should elaborate; the extracted and concentrated form made for consumption is illegal to possess and use. However, we all use small amounts every time we sleep. Ever wonder why we dream? DMT. When you dream, you are quite literally “tripping” on a natural hallucinogen formed in your brain. However, if one were to look in the right places on the wonderful internet, they can easily find documented experiences from people who have used the consumable version of DMT. At less than 50 mg, one can witness wonders beyond any other drug. Many have reported seeing entities, exploring the vast realms of the outer cosmos, as well as seeing terrifying demons and feeling physical pain. No two experiences on DMT are the same. Why is that?

Everyone knows that our bodies react to everything differently depending on our unique genetic makeup. Example: peanuts can be an enjoyable snack for one person, and a death sentence for another. The reaction to chemicals is very similar. However, DMT operates on a subconscious level of the mind. That is why our dreams can seem so utterly bizarre. We may not realize it, but every little thing that happens to us is stored in our memory. It is like a mental file cabinet full of records. Our brains stew over these things and interprets them a thousand different ways, and then melts many of these situations together in a big lump in our sleep. We feed our subconscious just like our stomach, and it digests the best way it can.  Now on to the meat and potatoes of what this has to do with the afterlife.

When we die, whether for a moment or for good, our body secretes a vast amount of DMT. It can be assumed that if one is indeed dead and beyond revival, that all of said person’s DMT will be immediately released. If the very small amount released in our sleep can cause what feels like a full day of lucid visions, imagine what we would witness if all of the DMT we have ever accumulated is suddenly released. Some may ask, “If I’m dead, how will it affect me?” To that, I give you this fact: the brain is still aware of its own existence for up to seven minutes after clinical death. Seven minutes doesn’t sound long, but consider this: all users of the consumable form of DMT report time distortion. The trip lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes, but most claim it feels like an entire lifetime.

Now, on to my final point: how can you make use of this knowledge in the here and now? My advice is to do exactly the opposite of what most folks are doing nowadays: STAY ACTIVE. When I say that I mean physically, emotionally, intellectually, all of it. Life is not meant to be lived in front of a screen. Cyber bullying, propaganda, depressing news…all of these contribute to our negativity in the subconscious more than we may think. Its important to maintain a healthy living situation and support oneself, but don’t let that stress control you. The “Work, Buy, Consume, Die,” way of life that has infected our society is responsible for the loss of most of the meaning of life. As a human, it is your right to create happiness for yourself, not feed a bottomless pit of indulgence. Also, it may seem like a hipster or yoga mom trend to meditate, but the results are undeniable. It helps process emotions, relax the body, and the brain does not forget these times of peace and nurturing. I suppose the most important things to ensure a more pleasant afterlife are as follows: A) Be good to yourself. B) Don’t do things you feel guilty about. C) Take life as it comes, and take time to process it all in a healthy manner. Good luck to you all. Remember what Descartes said: “I think, therefore I am.”

Editor-in-chief note. This isn’t exactly what I would have written for the ultimate hallucinogen. As the byline shows, I didn’t. Once I’ve experienced it, I’ll write about it. I direct you to a fantastic documentary on Netflix about DMT. Just search for DMT. And enjoy learning about it. From every perspective.