Get it right NFL.


The controversy of NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem in The United States continues. This all began in 2016 with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Collin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem before the football games. This action to kneel was because of Kaepernick’s views of systemic racism against people of color in the United States in which allowed other players to copycat his protest during the Anthems for other games that followed.

Even though the NFL created options from the previous seasons for the players to stay in the locker room during the anthem was to prevent the players showing a “protest” at the games where fans want to come enjoy with their friends and family. And they could also now face hefty fines for continuing their disrespect on a major media platform. As this football season gets going, the challenges of some players to protests during the anthem continue. The NFL has not done enough to come up with solutions to enforce no protesting at game events. But they sure do say something and try to shadow the players who kneel and pray before the games.

As Monday night football is approaching for the fans to enjoy both at the stadiums and remotely will have to endure some changes. Well for now, if you watch the games on ESPN you will not be able to watch the anthem play before the football games. So the fans get to suffer once again with wanting to be patriotic and either having to see the players protest or be banned from enjoying the magnificent American flags boasts it’s color on the field or catch a glimpse of the jets racing above.


I understand this is a free Country and we have a right to protests and free speech. But if you have a job to do and you aren’t suppose to protest at your job site or wear certain messages on your uniform to protest your views, why is the NFL allowing these players to be excluded from rules of these events that are going on?


The players speak of being oppressed…I’m sorry. How much money can you make make in a year for playing a season of football? A minimum salary for 2018 for 1st season played of being rookie is $435,000 this can include the 3rd strings, punters and kickers. The 2nd season played is $555,000. And the money continues to climb in the bracket with the 10th season plus played will pay out this year 2018 to be $1,015,000.


Players that don’t even suit up for the games can make hefty money. For example, Kirk Cousins is playing under the franchise tag. A franchise tag allows the team to designate a player as a “franchise player”. In return this player cannot negotiate with other teams and in doing so can be paid the average of the top 5 salaries of the players in the position the “franchise player” plays. So this is why Kirk Cousins pay is estimated to reach 34 million in 2018. He has already played as a “franchise player” for two years straight.


Andrew Luck is among those who didn’t have to suit up for the games due to shoulder surgery, but continued his pay with $27 million for the year 2017. This also included $20 million in bonuses and $3 million from appearances off the field, endorsements and merchandise. A few other players that were at the top of the pay scale in the NFL are, Calvin Johnson who plays the position of wide receiver with the Detroit Lions earned an estimate pay of $20,500,000 for one season. Charles Johnson, Defensive End with the Carolina Panthers earned $20,020,000. Buffalo Bills Defensive End, Mario Williams is paid $19,400,000. Don’t get me started about Tom Brady; his pockets are very heavy from NFL money. Brady’s earning since his draft selection in 2000 for the position of quarterback has been recorded of about $196,000,000. Brady has also earned outlandish pay for endorsements in the tune of $184,000,000.

With just a small portion of what these players have made or can make in a year with the NFL, how can they claim to be oppressed? Or why don’t they try fixing the problems that they feel are issues in this country rather than “piss” on our Nation’s Flag, Anthem and what it stands for? Men and women spilled their own blood and died for this country. They sacrificed being away from their families so that our Nation can continue to stay free, So that these players can have the luxuries to throw a ball around and make millions of dollars, in which the fans help to provide. The players can protest somewhere else other than the football player’s work place, which are the games that people pay to watch. They can use other platforms to protest to help with their cause. But instead they want to defy the rules and disrespect our fallen heroes and the ones who are serving today by taking the knee during the anthem and throwing up a “black Panther fist”.

Oh and by the way, with the men and women sacrificing and risking their lives every day averages about $1400 a month in pay. Now who is really being oppressed?

I have not watched NFL football games since this junk started with Keapernick. And I watched football games all the time. But because of the players that have protested and continue to protest, I will not support the spoiled brats and the NFL who want to disrespect our military and our nation. The NFL needs to put their foot down and stop being “politically correct” about not wanting to hurt the over paid player’s feelings by enforcing the rules.