(Op-Ed) An Elementary Outlook On The Future Of Our Parties

To those of us who haven’t been keeping much track of what the two parties have been up to heading into the midterms of 2018, I would offer a quick, basic insight on where each party is going.

Much to my consternation, the Republican Party is still trying to reconcile the afterimage of the Trumpian lightning bolt and what the right’s agenda actually is. The indeterminacy is obvious.

How is it safe for me to say that this is so apparent? Well, the legitimate right is composed of two different views (as it has been since 2016). The first group has leapt full force onto the Trump train, not only eagerly inviting Trump into their circles, but begging for his hands to take the reins. The second group elects to tolerate Trump and hopefully get through his presidency without trying to emulate him or praise him much at all.

How do these two perceptions manifest themselves? Well, the former group seems to think that they need to defend their fearless leader on the personal level rather than the political. After all, this IS the Trump Train! Toot toot! So rather than pressure Trump and encourage him to pump out more and more conservative policy, they sit and wait for someone to say something bad about him. Once he does something on the personal level – like tweets – that incites a vicious (or often laughable) slight on the part of the left, his base will poke their heads out from his derriere long enough to kiss it and then condemn anyone who DARES to defy him. They are perfectly content with trusting him and leaving him to most of his devices.

The problem with this is that it is not productive to try to defend him by saying he’s a good guy. He’s an elected official! We should be critiquing him according to the policy we have seen and how it is good for us.

Enter the latter group, the part of the GOP that resents that it has taken a man who has been democrat his whole life to give us the most conservative policy we have seen for nearly thirty years. These guys are so hesitant to give credit of the economy to Trump that they won’t do it even to save their own party. This leaves them with no platform to run on in 2018. So, as always, they spinelessly flounder about not knowing what direction to take.

This is the group that you would think would have learned something from his election! And yet, they have become just as wise from this as the left has.

So what has the left been up to? Why, the same as always since 2003! Their response to Trump is to act even MORE radical, move FURTHER to the left, and scream even louder at everyone who disagrees with them.

Just look at the democratic party! It’s entirety is being pulled by the radical fringe because the moderates fail to condemn the radical left’s failures and shortcomings. Rather than sever themselves from the radicals, the moderates just sit idly by to occasionally shout out against Trumpism, much like the trump base does to the left.

In my estimation, now is the perfect time for either party to hijack the American appeal. The left can do this by condemning the openly socialist candidates and Auntie Maxine for her encouragement of brown shirt tactics. This would make them less unattractive to swing voters. The conservatives and republicans could appeal to America by REMINDING them of Trump’s success with the economy and FIGHT to demonstrate how much more moral their policy is. This would embolden and affirm swing voters considering voting red.

Neither party is looking at doing these things. They both look stagnant and unrelatable to much of America. It is because of this that once again, the country will most likely tilt to the left.

Why do I say this? The left has its fingers in our public education system, Hollywood, and even the FBI. Anytime that the two parties reach a stalemate, the left inevitably wins.

So my message to anyone who has not been keeping up with political news is this: nothing much new is happening. We were stupid enough to let Obama into the white house, and we’ll be stupid enough to elect socialists in 2018 no matter what we do. Go back to what was keeping you busy.