Love: To Fall OR Not To Fall

They say falling in love is easy, but what they don’t tell you is how easy falling in love can hurt you. Love at first sight has been said to be a myth, but if you have ever looked at someone for the first time and felt an instant connection not to their looks– but to their heart or soul– you start to fall in love when you can look into someone’s eyes and see a whole world within. Being in love can be the most magical feeling you have ever experienced but it can also be the most painful. We never really choose who we fall in love with, I mean we choose to love people based on actions but when you fall for someone its usually the most unexpected person and the most unexpected time.

I have been through my share of heartache in the past with failed marriages. There was love in the beginning but it was more of an admiration that slowly faded over time due to actions. When you experience being with someone who tries to control your every move or even decides to lay hands on you that is no longer love its obsession and manipulation. You have to be able to determine if you truly love a person or if you are just scared of change or being alone. I went through this and I was in the mindset of love isn’t real and all the fairy tale crap we grew up hearing was nothing more than a messed-up reality.

I want to meet a person who changes all of that. When we first meet there will be an instant connection and familiarity to him. Where you aren’t sure what it was but you trust him and that is a rare thing for me as I do not trust anyone very easily. I want to feel a comfort with this person the moment my eyes meet his but not like a romantic spark like you read in love stories but more of a have we met before type feeling. Trying to figure out why this person seems so familiar and how come you feel so comfortable around him. He will make your heart skipped a beat and you will feel his soul.

It takes a lot of effort to make love work but it’s up to u to decide if it’s worth the struggle to stay or to just let go and walk away.

 I want to find a person whose arms feel like home to me every time he hugs me cause that is not something you just throw away. For those who struggle with what is real look deep within yourself and once you accept who you are and love yourself for it you will understand what love is real and what isn’t.