Trump: The Biggest Political Stunt in a Long Time

It is not secret that those in power make moves to keep their personal interests afloat. Putting Donald Trump in office served its purpose better than any rich political snob could have expected. While Obama serving two terms stirred the pot, an affluent business man who is politically tone deaf and socially insensitive has revolutionized America itself. To make the situation better for these aristocrats, Trump’s constant finger pointing and ill-advised comments are making him an easy target for scapegoating.

To be truthful, Trump has done nothing but be himself. Of course, I expect a rich 72-year-old man to feel like he can declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel even though it goes against international laws and undermines the Palestinians. He was born right after WWII and still has the “America can whoop anyone’s ass” mentality despite America already exhausting 54% of our budget on the military. This move completely benefits the rich and powerful and disparages everyone else without Israeli military and business interests left to pick up the pieces. Cementing an alliance with Israel and their 200 nuclear war heads bolsters America’s power despite cracking the façade that we are a country of international diplomacy.

Aside from causing international tension, Trump has succeeded in defining the red line at home. One aspect that has kept the divide between the wealthy and poor so large is the inability of the lower class to come together. The easiest way to gain blind followers is to have them poke each other’s eyes out. If we blame illegal immigrants and welfare recipients for our economic situation, we ignore the tax cuts, bonuses, and enormous funding to our military. Trump will likely never build the wall between the USA and Mexico because of their willingness to work for less. Even if he did, it still does not guarantee that it will keep illegals out, especially when Mexicans are not the only illegals in America. America needs those immigrants to work the jobs that we deem as not deserving of a livable wage. Also, if Trump managed to cut people from welfare programs and eliminate the “tax burden” of immigrants, where would that surplus go? History tells us that it will not be the lower classes.

Trump is exactly what he is supposed to be: an old, rich, white man planted in office to benefit old, rich, white men. I am willing to bet that he will get the George Bush treatment in ten more years.