Farewell, Chief of Staff John Kelly

Donald Trump is, unfortunately, gearing up for the 2020 election and he is starting by replacing his right hand man. Chief of Staff John Kelly will be leaving the White House after a long, drawn out relationship with the president. His replacement, Nick Ayers, was offered the job over a month ago. Many have tried to advise Trump away from this decision, saying that Ayers is “nakedly ambitious and untrustworthy.” At only 30 years old, he is very young to be a top dog in Washington. His top praisers are Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Mike Pence, and that seems to be it. A few staff members are rumored to be leaving the West Wing following his hiring. Although nothing is official until Trump announces it himself, Ayers appears to be the front runner for the job. Anyone who has followed Trump throughout his presidency so far can say with confidence that no matter how driven his Chief of Staff is, Donald Trump is extremely difficult to control and is very reactive, so Ayers will have virtually no power over him.