Why Do We Hate Gays?

Just to make things clear, I do not hate gays. I love them and I wish I could personally tell each one how important they are and that I love them. But for the sake of this article, I will say we as a general address to the population that does. I have heard every excuse from “it’s not natural” to “it’s against God” and I can honestly say they are all bullsh*t.

Homosexuality is completely natural and normal. Bonobos (our closes living relatives) use sex as a regular part of their everyday interactions without regard for gender. Clown fish change their sex based on how many males and females are present. There are even hermaphrodatic flatworms that fight each other with their penises and the loser has to carry the eggs. The point is, even nature has a blurry line when it comes to attraction.

The most prevalent excuse for bigotry I have personally heard is that being gay is against God. The biggest scripture that people quote is that, “man shall not lay with another man.” This quote is indeed in the Bible, along with, “thou shalt not eat any animal with cloven hooves and doesn’t chew its cud” but I do not see pork eaters being shunned from the church. Nor do I see the churches that put ATMs at every entrance being shut down or adulterous pastors being chased out. In a country where atheists are married without a hitch, how can we harbor so much hatred for gays?

After much research, I can only conclude that the hatred of gays stems from one of two problems: wanting to feel superior or discomfort with others being different. There are some people who would rather put others down than to better themselves. Its convenient for them to condemn gays because fixing themselves means facing their own sins. Others are so self absorbed that they cannot fathom someone being different from them. Those are the people who can’t understand it so they spew ignorance and assumptions.

All in all, everyone should mind their own bedrooms. Gay people do not hurt anyone and are providing a much needed service to the world. For starters, gay people adopt children and give them loving homes. Also, since gay people cannot reproduce, there is a bit of population control. With nearly 8 billion people on earth, a lower birth rate is a blessing. Most importantly, gay people have been fashion pioneers for ages. This era of facial contouring originated with drag queens. We need gay people in the human population; let’s learn to accept them.