Government Shutdown Entering Third Week

Trump partially shut down the government after Congress denied him the $5 billion necessary to follow through on his plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. Trump has said multiple times that he does not care how long the stand off lasts, saying he will keep the government shut down for months or even years if it means getting the border security measures he desires. Trump has been endlessly sending out tweets that blame Democrats for standing in his way, saying that everyone, “besides drug dealers, human traffickers, and criminals,” should be happy about the wall finally being built.

Thousands of federal government workers have been without pay indefinitely throughout the holiday season. Trump has no sympathy for the sacrifices that these people are making so that he can throw his temper tantrum. According to, some departments affected include FEMA, Interior, Coast Guard, Commerce Department, Housing and Urban Development, and Homeland Security. That’s right, Homeland Security. The same toddler that is demanding $5 Billion to build a wall to protect this country against potential threats has also shut down the department that is designated to protect against foreign threats. Most of these individuals are deemed essential, and are therefore working without pay.