Op-Ed: We Need to Open Doors

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Immigration has always been something that I’ve felt strongly about. I believe that there should be loose restrictions on people that are allowed in the United States, especially considering the violence that has been seen in the world throughout the past years. What made me want to write this article was a book I read called Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. In the book, a couple falls in love, only to have the possibility of a happy life ripped away from them when the unnamed country erupts in war and violence. It made me think of all the countries that are currently experiencing the same violence, and how the citizens in these countries have to fight for their lives every day. It made me think of Trump and his initiative to make it harder for immigrants to enter the United States and his fight to rid the country of undocumented people. It made me wonder if Trump knows what kind of torment these people might be facing in the country they fled.

I have a personal connection to a person that came to the United States from Nicaragua, which has just erupted into major political and social unrest. Every day, he shows me videos or pictures of the atrocities the government or even citizens are doing to each other. Just yesterday he showed me a video of a man that had been burned alive, put on social media for everyone to see.

Although it’s all over social media, no one really hears about it, right? I certainly wouldn’t have known about it if I didn’t have this personal connection. Hell, I only learned about the problems facing Venezuela when I went to college and had a professor who was born in Caracas. That just makes it even easier for those who are anti-immigration to dismiss all the people fighting to get into this country. With the support of these people that are anti-immigration, Trump has been able to change the laws and has made it significantly harder for immigrants to come into the United States. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Trump temporarily halted the entire refugee program last year, claiming that terrorist would get into the country masquerading as refugees” (Nowrasteh). What’s more, the article continues on to say, “Trump even canceled a planned pilot program that would have allowed private individuals or charities to sponsor refugees and absorb all welfare costs…” (Nowrasteh). Though there is a threat of terrorism in the United States, the answer is not to close borders and let people die in their home countries. Just like in Exit West, all people need is a place that they can feel safe. The couple that was once at risk of horrific death finds their way to the United States and they are able to live meager, but happy, lives. I think we should give at least that to people who are suffering outside our borders.


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    What a garbage article. So we need to let anyone in so you can feel good about yourself? What a selfish view. What about the rights of the 44,000 American citizens killed by Illegal Aliens? Have you ever thought about how they would feel about this issue if they could? You cheerlead for foreign invaders over your own. What a shame that B.S. like this even gets published!!
    How many did you take into your home? Put your money where your mouth is!! What pure garbage!!!!!

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