Trump Wants Investigations Against Him to Stop at State of the Union Address [Op-Ed]

So the State of the Union was given last night, and the first look we got of Trump was his crooked tie. For the love of God man, when the eyes of the entire nation are on you, perhaps you should learn to dress the part. Now some of you may not see this as a big deal and, in the grand scheme of things, a tie is just a tie. But if you look like you just ate your weight in buffet food and had to move your tie, perhaps you should leave the speech to the adults.

Besides the crooked tie, we learned something else about Trump last night. He must do blow during his “executive time.” The sniffles throughout the address were so frequent, they could have held their own State of the Union.

The room last night was clearly divided. Democrats mainly stayed seated and Republicans clapped….and clapped…and clapped. The only form of unity was the Democratic women in suffragette white that stood together with Nancy Pelosi. A woman who is not the president had more unity than our own commander in chief. I wonder how such a man, who’s used to getting his way, felt with such strong women clearly against him.

No one thought Trump would speak about any of the investigations surrounding him or his inner circle, or the latest inauguration subpoenas; however, he did. Not only did he demand that democrats not investigate him, but he gave the demand with such a cute little poem, it’ll be impossible to ever forget. “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation!” Umm…was that a threat?

Trump proceeded this message by stating that, “An economic miracle is taking place in the United States, and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations.” Either he believes the American people are absolute idiots, or his comment was a veiled threat that the United States might be going down, and the only way it can be stopped is by not looking into these criminal investigations.

In regular Trump fashion, further into the address, the president took credit for having more women in congress. The same women that he voted against in the midterms. In another show of solidarity, the “women in white” stood together and clapped as one, chanting, “USA…USA.” But Trump says, while pointing a finger like a father disappointed in their child, “You weren’t supposed to do that!” He followed this by saying, “Don’t sit yet, you’re gonna like this.” Does he really think these women care about anything he says? Does he really think he’s the one that should take credit for the women in office? Unfortunately, I believe he does.

Trump paraded his guests and told their stories – Holocaust survivors and children with cancer. While I completely respect these people, they were only there to make the president seem more personable, more human. Because Trump loves kids. He loves immigrants, too. Did you know he also helps pardon people from prison sentences? Trump cares. About himself, maybe. But let’s not talk about the DACA kids left without parents, Mr. President.

Trump continued with his endless, and I do mean endless, pat on the back “accomplishments” he’s done while in office. Believing he has accomplished more than any other US President in their first two years in office is just the beginning. He incorrectly states statistics about sexual assault victims, women in the work force, Chinese terraces, America’s energy facts, etc. Fact check shows, however, that they’re all lies.

Over and over the word vomit spewed from his mouth, addressing everything from his wall to immigrants to the Aids epidemic. But, he warns, we should be careful of those immigrants coming. They’re blood thirsty murderers headed to a caravan near you.

The State of the Union address was a pointless endeavor to make Americans believe he has our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, nothing changed. Instead, Republicans and Democrats feel the same as they did before the address – at odds. The country is still divided, there’s a second government shutdown that’s still possible. If that fails to get his wall, a national emergency could be on the table as well. There was literally no reason to have this televised address. Unless, of course, you came to watch the clap heard around the world. Known now as “the clap back,” Nancy Pelosi literally clapped into Trump’s face like he was “such a good little boy.” Personally, I enjoyed that.

For me, the real State of the Union came from Stacey Abrams, “the first black woman and the first nonsitting public official to deliver the [democratic] rebuttal.” (NYTimes) Not only was her address honest and relatable to the lower and middle class Americans, but it was true. She was kind and heartfelt, but also had no problem calling the president out on his less than stellar presidency.

The best talking point came from her response to the government shutdown, stating that, “The shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the United States, one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people, but our values.” (Barrow)

This is exactly what Trump has done. He’s divided the political party even more than it was already, yet he pats himself on the back for a job well done, taking credit where it most certainly is not due Then he has the audacity to call for unity. The only unity in that entire room was the women in suffragette white. These women stood as one, clapped as one, cheered as one, and will have to stay as one to finally take down a man that never should have been elected in the first place.


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