Women To Watch While We Wait For The 2020 Election

While we patiently wait for Donald’s long over due impeachment, it is comforting to look into the future and research the capable female politicians that want to reverse all the damage that Trump has done. We have had a never ending line of men running this country and it is time we pass the torch to some very capable and deserving women.

Kamala Harris, who announced her running on January 21st of this year, is a Democratic member of the Senate from California. During her time in the Senate she has served on numerous committee’s, including intelligence, the budget, environment and public works, homeland security, and government affairs. Kamala Harris has spent her career in politics advocating for the “voiceless and vulnerable.” Civil rights, justice, and equality for all are at the forefront of her campaign. As a career prosecutor, she has seen the devastating effects of mass incarceration and wants to reform our prison system with “data driven methods to make our system more efficient and effective.” Critics of Kamala say she is trying to pander to the African American communities by playing a character in interviews and on social media. While she has strong ideas for mending our country, she needs to be more authentic during her campaign to make it to the election.

Elizabeth Warren has been serving as the Senator from Massachusetts since 2013. Warren was considered as a potential presidential candidate in the 2016 election, but did not secure the nomination until now. As a long time resident of D.C., Warren is pledging to end Washington corruption. Money is power in Washington, and wealthy individuals and companies with their own agenda’s have been able to “influence Congress and federal agencies to put their interests ahead of the public interest.” Warren is also focused on rebuilding the middle class, and is starting by trying to boost minimum wage to match the ever inflating living costs across the country. She calls out the one percent that only invest in themselves, instead of giving back to those in need. She wants to end the systematic racism that keeps people of color from progressing to the point where they can acquire their own wealth. She also wants to reform the justice system so that everyone gets treated equally under the law, instead of one set of rules for the rich and elite and another set for everyone else. Elizabeth Warren is truly dedicated to fixing the root of the problems in Washington and improving the quality of life across America.

Amy Klobuchar has been a Senator in Minnesota since 2007. As a more moderate Democrat, Klobuchar’s agenda includes a myriad of issues. She recognizes the need for a government-run health care plan and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. During her time in Washington, she has fought to lower student loan debt and to expand the Pell Grant program to “allow students to refinance their loans at a lower interest rate.” She has also been publicly critical of the way Trump has handled the issue of immigration, but says that she would not abolish ICE. Although she does believe that ICE is in need of reforming, she also believes that we are always going to need immigration enforcement. In her announcement speech, she directly stated that Washington needs to work on closing the “loopholes designed by and for the wealthy and bring down our debt and make it easier for workers to afford childcare, housing, and education.” Klobuchar also wants to invest in more green jobs so that we can better prepare for a sustainable future. While she has some great ideas on how to mend our country’s core issues, she is also known for having angry outbursts and being demeaning to her staff. Klobuchar’s office has the highest turnover rate in Senate, according to Politico.

Finally, Tulsi Gabbard, a major in the National Guard and a Congresswoman for the state of Hawaii, wants to ignite change across America. She has dedicated herself to the service of others, and wants to bring the spirit of Aloha into the hearts of everyone she meets. During her time in Congress, she has served on the Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees, which led her to the conclusion that we need to focus our military efforts “on defeating the terrorist groups that attacked and declared war on the United States.” Regime change wars left our country bankrupt, and she wants to redirect America’s resources into a “renewable, sustainable economy that works for everyone and bring about an era of peace.” Gabbard’s campaign is centered around building a movement of love and service that will unite our country. According to her website, she wants to overcome the challenges that our country is facing by calling all Americans to put service before self and leading us down a different path that “reclaims our destiny and restores the uniquely American ideal.”

These four women are envisioning a bright future for our country and they each have a plan on how to accomplish their goals. Each of them has more leadership experience in their pinky’s than Donald has in his entire body, and they all show such strong potential be the next leader of our country. They are each passionate about their ideas to bring about the change that our country so desperately needs, and I am excited to watch their campaigns unfold over the next year.


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