Days Gone Preview (Update)

This is an update from my 2017 E3 special with some newer information from Game Informer’s exclusive time with the developers a year ago (which was from an alpha build so it may have changed, but should still give a good idea of what the game contains), and from the latest trailers.

Update: I’ve updated this article with info from new gameplay footage. (video at the bottom).


The story of ‘Days Gone’ is set 2 years after an infection turns humans into mindless ravenous creatures who hunger for human flesh. It follows Deacon St. John (voiced by and modeled after Sam Witwer from the show ‘Being Human’ and ‘The Force Unleashed’ video games) as he carries out bounties and tries to survive in and around the fictional town of Farewell, Oregon.


Deacon St. John

Sarah and Deacon

Deacon was an Enforcer in the Mongrels MC (Motorcycle Club) Farewell Originals as one of their Nomads. Before the infection hit he was married to a woman named Sarah, who he loses in the aftermath of the cataclysm.


Deacon and Boozer

Boozer is Deacon’s only friend in the post-apocalyptic world. He was the Man-at-Arms in the same MC as Deacon before the Cataclysm. He teaches Deacon how to track in the Oregon wilderness.

Mark Copeland

Mark Copeland

Copeland is the leader of one of the many camps. He and Deacon don’t see eye to eye, due to Mark’s methods and political beliefs.


The player explores the back roads and wilderness of the six regions surrounding Farewell, Oregon. Large camps of survivors provide trade, while smaller encampments threaten anyone who passes by as they try to survive the harsh world. Small Nests and large Hordes of Freakers threaten the few uninfected Humans left. Deacon has to clear these as well as defend against survivors as he explores these areas looking for supplies or performing bounties for the various camps.


Camps provide the player with places to trade, repair Deacon’s bike and pickup new bounties. Rep is earned through collecting ears from Freakers and turning in bounties. Camp Copeland (ran by the aforementioned Mark Copeland) is the first Camp encountered in the game. It has several areas of interest.

  • Bounties
  • Kitchen
  • Mechanic – Manny is the mechanic for Camp Copeland
  • Merchant


NERO (National Emergency Response Organization) sites provided relief in the aftermath of the infection. Deacon can find medical supplies and NERO tech that allows him upgrade his Health, Focus and Stamina. After clearing out the Freakers, NERO sites acts as checkpoints allowing for fast travel and respawing.

Safe Houses

Deacon will be able to rely on different safe houses as the game progresses. The first of which will be an old forest service tower on O’Leary Mountain. Early in the game, Boozer will be resting here after being injured. Safe houses will provide chests for ammo and a gun locker for the player to access.

Dynamic Weather

‘Days Gone’ will feature a dynamic weather system, such as snow and rain. The weather will change how Deacon approaches travel and encounters, and how survivors and Freakers act.


Deacon will traverse the wilderness of Oregon on foot and with his trusty bike. The player will have to travel back roads and dirt paths and watch out for ambushes (such as the clothes-line that knocks Deacon off his back in the E3 2017 demo.)

Using areas that have been cleared (like the NERO sites), the player can fast travel as long as there are no infected areas nearby (which will be marked in red on the mini-map). Deacon is unable to fast travel until these areas are cleared.


The player will be able to access weapons, and craft certain items on the fly from a multi-tiered weapon wheel.


Deacon will be able to craft weapons, track enemies, set traps and make minor repairs to his bike. He can also use stealth to sneak into enemy camps.


At first Deacon can only carry a small number of items but this can be upgraded as the player progresses through the game.


Deacon has three primary stats that can be upgraded using NERO Tech.

  • Focus – Improves Deacon’s tracking sense when upgraded.
  • Health
  • Stamina – Affects combat and running.


Updated: While sneaking the noise Deacon is making and whether npcs can see him. The player can see indicators of both to the left of the mini-map


With Deacon’s tracking sense, he can find enemy tracks and find other objects. Tracking can be upgraded through leveling up skills and NERO tech.


Deacon and his trusty bike.

In order to traverse the wilderness of Oregon, Deacon rides his trusty drift bike, a combination of a street bike he would have rode before the apocalypse and a dirt bike in order to travel the various terrains. The player can change out the tires depending on the weather conditions.

The bike can be upgraded to allow for a bigger gas tank, a larger ammo box, and add a nitrous boost to allow for bursts of speed.

Riding the bike consumes gas and Deacon will often have to find ways to replenish it. The bike also takes damage that can fixed by the player with scrap or taking to a mechanic for repair. Updated: Gas, Ammo and Damage are now indicated on the bike itself.

Deacon can be knocked off his bike by traps set by hostile survivors. He can also attack enemies while riding the bike.


The player will be able to craft medical buffs, herbal buffs, molotovs, and other weapons. Deacon can find new recipes and items needed for crafting while traversing the wilds and hunting for supplies.


Deacon will face hostile survivors, Freakers, and a cult know at the Rippers.


Freakers are Days Gone’s answer to zombies. Similar to zombies in ‘Dying Light’, Freakers aren’t dead but living humans (and in this case animals) infected by a virus that makes them feral and hunger for human flesh.

Different types will even attack each other.

They all hate the cold and are attracted by noises, and have their own day/night cycles.

Freakers are attracted by loud sounds such as car alarms, which be used to the players advantage.

The Freakers are found scattered in small Nests or large Hordes.

  • Nests – Small groups of Freakers in certain areas usually cleared with molotovs
  • Hordes – Massive groups that occupy large areas that are indicated by orange on the mini-map

Types of Freakers

  • Breakers – Strong bulky Freakers
  • Newts – Infected children who turn hostile when threatened
  • Ravagers – Infected bears
  • Runners – Infected wolves
  • Screamers – Will scream and attract other Freakers
  • Swarmers – Small fast groups


The Rippers (short for Rest In Peace) are a cult who worship the Freakers and believe the infection was a punishment for humanity’s sins. Their bodies are marked with ritual scars, and place sigils in areas to announce their presence.


In addition to finding crafting materials, ammo and other items in abandoned buildings and the wilderness, Deacon can loot car trunks and hoods for items. He will be able to find certain items depending on the vehicle, such as ammo in cop cars.


The player will uses a variety of weapons, some of which can be crafted. Updated: Weapons will have durability and can be repaired unless they are broken (if it reaches 0% durability)

  • Bats
  • Bear traps
  • Bombs
  • Environment (Deacon uses “clothes-line” rope to choke an enemy)
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Make-shift Weapons

Collector’s Edition

In addition to the regular version Sony is releasing a special edition.

It includes:

  • Days Gone Statue*
  • Steelbook Case
  • 6 Days Gone Collector’s Pins
  • Physical & Digital Mini-Art Book**
  • Physical & Digital Original Music
  • Days Gone Sew-On Patch
  • 4 Decals

*By Gentle Giant

**By Dark Horse Comics

Digital Content:

  • Monkey Wrench Skill Early Unlock
  • 3 Bike Skins
  • Deacon vs. The Horde Dynamic Theme
Days Gone Collector’s Edition

Players: Single Player

ESRB Rating*: M for Mature

Price: MSRP $59.99, $139.99 (Collector’s Edition)

Release Date: April 26

Platforms: PS4

Official Site:


E3 2017

Game Informer

2019 Trailer

Updated: Game Informer Exclusive 4.22.19

All Pictures courtesy of SIE Bend Studio