Stellar Wind

Rabbit Hole - Introduction

I’m a serial killer.
I’m strapped to a bed in a bombed out building in Bosnia.
I was tortured by a surgeon.
I was a concubine for the king of Spain.
I’ve seen indescribably beautiful gardens with trees whose berries are MDMA pills and everyone is enjoying nudity.
I’ve been on a Navy ship that froze my soul with fear.
I’ve sat on the throne of my mind.
I was in a cargo plane (turboprop, I know what they sound like) that I knew the pilot was Native American and wanted to kill me.
I was in a highly advanced tuberculosis sealed unit.

Who am I? Any single one of those? All of them? I don’t know. You tell me.

I know. You have no idea what I’m talking about. You’ll have your answer at the end, if you make it that far. I have memories of all the above and more I’ll remember while writing this. Not memories of dreams, but memories of things I experienced in full consciousness. Wanna jump down my rabbit hole? Physics stop applying now. Stay tuned. This will take me some time. One complete memory at a time. You swallowed the red pill as soon as you clicked on this article, and you know you’re curious. Enjoy the ride.

  1. The Garden (coming soon).