In Memorium Ted Donaldson (9/21/1978 – 12/5/2019)

“Nothing lasts… but nothing is lost.”

I know this isn’t the usual content that this website provides but I feel like this is important, and overdue. During the early hours of December 5th we lost Ted Donaldson the founder, manager, and contributor to this website. In his passing his sister and I have decided to try to keep his life’s work going. Ted was very proud of what he had created and even more proud of the great writers that contributed to making this site into what it has become. I would like to share a part of his obituary so you may know a little more about him and how this website came to be:

Ted was born on September 21, 1978 in Florissant, Missouri and grew up there. While at McCluer North High School in Florissant, he played saxophone in two bands and the orchestra. His senior year, he was first chair in the Jazz Band and the Community Band (beating out his high school music teacher). After High School he completed a Hypnosis course at Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis and performed several hypnotism shows, including one at what is now the Hollywood Casino. He was always computer savvy. As a teenager he created and operated a dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) service called The Luminescent Conduit. It enabled users to dial in and post comments and articles – essentially pre-internet practice for his later web sites. Also after High School, he completed a Systems Engineering course at St. Louis University. He worked at Comp USA and Southwestern Bell as a computer teacher and at Thomson Reuters as a Systems Engineer. He suffered a catastrophic brain injury in 2008 and was permanently disabled. After months in a “locked-in” state, he had a long road of rehabilitation at several different facilities. In spite of his disabilities, he created an online website called “Mindlessly Brilliant: A group of people who have serious, hilarious, or just stupid things to say.” From 2016 – 2019, he was the founder, writing contributor and manager of two online news and information sites: Metamedia News and Metamedia Sports.

We know Ted had a large “fan” base, and we remember him with love and compassion. He did not have an easy life, and we hope he is finally at peace.
We miss you Ted.

We wish to continue his recent life’s work, with the aide of any of the willing contributors to his websites. He worked so hard on their development; They should continue to inform and educate, giving writers a platform to express themselves freely.