Daryl Kay

It was only recently that I had
become concerned with politics.
For my entire life, my LDS parents had almost never spoken
about anything even remotely political to me. Politics were never discussed at
mealtimes, family outings, or even when I had brought home questions with
regards to the public school’s curriculums. It seemed as though it was
something that my parents would avoid talking about at all costs.
Now, more than ever, I understand
why it was never about the left or the right with my parents. My parents did
not raise their children to be left-wing or right-wing or up-wing or down-wing
– they raised us to be good people.
My Christian provenance manifests
itself in my political stance most consistently! However, being highly
conservative on the personal level and highly libertarian on the political
level comes with a great many costs these days. I found it impossible to be
accepted within the LGB community – a community I was quite looking forward to
being a part of when I first admitted my sexual predisposition to my parents. I
found myself lost somewhere between worlds of what I thought I wanted in life
and what I was told was right.
It was in the summer of 2016 that I
suffered an epiphany. I was conflating Judeo-Christian values with
Judeo-Christian beliefs! I could still support monogamy, equality, and power of
the individual without resenting the fact that I’m gay. I could still support
the ideas of accountability and absolutely adore the USA without dwelling on
the homophobia that took place half-a-century ago. As an added bonus, I need
not associate myself with the homogenous, loathsome, hypocritical sort that
constitutes the LGB community.
I have sworn to utilize the pen and
keyboard to expose the radical left’s black ambitions and simultaneously
denounce the cowardice and spinelessness of the republican party. I hope to
give a voice to those who feel meek and stumblefooted in an age when any
questioning of the left is met with being beaten into submission.
I am the Big Red Faggot, and welcome
to The Yellow Chamber!


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