Writer at-large

Hello everyone, or as they’re saying in the White House now, privyet! (That’s Russian for hello) I’m incredibly funny. Also I am Fletcher. I’m a creative and opinionated 30 something living in Atlanta, Georgia.I am fairly liberal, I have little to no conservative values. What I do have, though, is a respect for balance, which is to say even though I am liberal, I don’t assume my beliefs or liberal ideals in general are always right all of the time. I like to keep people around me that I don’t necessarily agree with to keep myself aware of opinions and concerns beyond my bubble. When it comes to politics I am extremely blunt. I do believe in maintaining a mutual respect when discussing politics but when it’s my article and my forum I am generally very direct and in some cases pretty harsh.

My entire world doesn’t revolve around politics, though. I’m also a creative writer and a huge nerd, big fan of fantasy, science fiction, horror, video games and so on. Check out my work, prepare to read cuss words, I am super creative with those too.


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