Jawan H.

  • In the horror genre there is a lot that can be done, so may directions you can take to convey a message, fear or to just make people’s stomachs turn. In this modern age, horror seems to be dying as the e […]

  • Letter to the Reader:
    Thank you, for taking the time to read through this story. For hours I researched and leaped head first into the realm of mental illness. More so looking at Psychosis, bipolar disorder, […]

  • As I am writing this, I catch myself looking over my shoulder for any doors mysteriously opening, making sure all of my doors are locked, and keeping a light on to soothe myself after experiencing all the fear […]

  • Films hold so much power within them. If you put the right people in them, have the perfect setting and a story that grips the audience, then you are sure to have real magic unfolding before your very eyes. […]

  • What do you get every time America tries its greedy hand at adapting an anime? You usually get a jumbled up mess that holds little resemblance to its parent. In a sense, that’s what you get when you watch N […]

  • What do you get when you bring together four different people, each with a unique set of abilities under their belt? You get sarcasm, anger and a whole lot of broken buildings. Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ is the n […]

  • In this age of film, there are few movies that can pull so hard at the strings of the heart; To see something so eye opening, something that makes you reflect on yourself, and makes you think about the way […]

  • When it comes to the web slinger from Queens, we have seen him in many different forms. In the early 2000’s it was Toby Maguire who took on the mantel of spidey. This was the first time we had ever seen the w […]

  • The heavily-coveted anime Ghost in the Shell has held a special place in my heart; ever since I was a young child in the 90’s, I would stay up until the late hours of the night, just to catch the latest e […]

  • Imagine, being able to traverse another world. One where the desires and cognition of every living thing was accessible. Can you imagine being able to change those desires, make the worst of humanity change […]

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