Rodney Ryan Rogers

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Brilliant Media Inc.


Editor-in-chief note: Rodney does audio engineering and graphic design for us. He’s an invaluable asset. He’s been a part of our team before we even had a team. And I’m pretty sure what follows is his resumé.


Over fifteen years experience as a graphic designer, over five years as a social media marketing manager, and years of experience in other aspects like audio production and web designing, my background is filled with exposure to many areas.

From designing to coding, to managing multitudes of social medias of several companies, there’s very few things I’ve wanted more out of my career. I’ve worked for governments, businesses of many sizes, nonprofits including churches and charities, and for almost anyone else that has wanted my skills.


I am currently living in a very small town in Wisconsin. With my job, I rarely have to leave my desk which has forced me to have a gym membership—an activity I enjoy consistently. I love to swim and I have a passion for archery. I try to go to the gym at least three times a week, sometimes I can get in one day a week when I am swamped. I have had a life partner for nearly 11 years. I enjoy music of almost any genre and my favorite artist is P!nk. I’m an avid Chess and GO player. I also enjoy RPG video games and almost anything tech-related.


Skills & Software:

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere,

AfterEffects, Audition, Dreamweaver


Finale v25


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Social Media including Facebook, Twitter



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